Milestone Update 02/28/15

Hi Ridgelea,

Quick update on the Milestone Development

The Bull Creek Road Coalition (BCRC) and Milestone have agreed to have regular meetings to discuss issues related to the proposed development. The meetings are being held on Thursdays at 6pm in the private dining room in the original Westminster Manor. The Milestone website will be updated in the next few days to include the upcoming meetings  The upcoming agendas and any materials distributed at the meetings will also be on the website. 

Notes from the meeting on Thursday February 26th 
It’s official Milestone is now the owner of the property, they closed on the sale last week; as part of the deal the state will retain the right to use the existing offices and parking lots for the next 3 years.
Results of the open house survey are availble on the Milestone website
Milestone is still considering options for zoning approvals; it may include a hybrid approach with a portion of the site under traditional zoning combined with a Planned Unit Development (PUD)
A draft land use plan should be available for review in mid-march
Milestone is planning on submitting the draft land use plan for review by the City under the Development Assessment process. The process would not result in any approvals but acts as a sort of pre-application review that allows staff and City Council to provide feedback. The submittal would happen in mid-march and would likely take a couple of months to get to Council
A traffic impact assessment will be included in the Development Assessment submittal; there has been considerable study of the 45th and Bull Creek intersection as it is the most problematic from a traffic perspective. The importance of examining transportation impacts for all users, pedestrians, cyclists, and transit was discussed. Including issues like the regular blockage of the bike lane in front of the Post Apartments by moving trucks.
Milestone has comitted to providing all application materials to BCRC at the same time they are submitted to the City
Shoal Creek Trail extension – Milestone has indicated that they don’t think an extension to 35th can be included as part of the first phase. Mainly due to the private ownership of some of the intervening land. They have committed to providing resources to work towards the extension; the scope of the resources to be worked out through the process. The possibility of extending the trail to the site along 38th and Bull Creek Road was discussed. The City is considering options to improve pedestrian and bicycle connectivity and safety at the 38th/35th intersection and Milestone was encouraged to reach out to the City to discuss opportunities for  trail connections to their site as part of those changes.
Idlewild focus meeting: At the request of the Ridgelea Neighborhood Association Milestone agreed to have a special meeting with the 20+ landowners that abut the Milestone property. The meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wed (3/4) at 6pm to allow Idlewild input prior to the development of the draft master plan. This will be similar to the recent meeting Milestone held with the 45th street landowners. A notice will be sent out to the Ridgelea and Idlewild listserves as soon as meeting details are finalized.
Oakmont/Bull Creek focus meeting: a similar meeting to the Idlewild meeting may be organized for the landowners directly across the street from the development.
Milestone plans to include a “wet” pond for drainage control and as an amenity…possibly something similar to the pond at Central Park. A splash pad was also mentioned; the possibility of public access to a swimming pool was also raised during the ensuing discussion.
Additional items that were discussed included drainage, transit improvements, and affordable housing

That’s just a few of the big items from a 2 hour meeting so anyone else who was in attendance please fill in the gaps as needed. Milestone has promised regular updates to the website blog so please check it out to keep abreast of what’s going on. They also have a place to provide comments if you have ideas or concerns to share. 

Have a great weekend


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